Understand what the letters mean in STIHL Chainsaw Models

We’re here to make sure you understand your product and buy the best saw for you.

There are several different letters which follow the traditional Stihl model Number, eg MSA 140 C-QB but what do they mean? Here is a quick guide:

  • Comfort (C), 
  • Chain Quick Tensioning (B), 
  • M-Tronic engine management (M), 
  • Quick Stop Super Chain Brake (Q), 
  • Heated handles (W) 
  • Heated carburettor (V).

So MSA140 C-QB = Comfort, Chain Quick Tensioning and Quick Stop Super Chain Brake.

Our Preferred Homeowner Battery Chainsaw – MSA140 C-BQ

The perfect tool for pruning branches and cutting firewood, the MSA 140 C-BQ has all the features of the MSA 120 C-BQ with up to 25% more cutting performance. Powered by a maintenance-free EC motor and 36 V Lithium-Ion technology, this compact saw will ease its way through sawing jobs around the garden and property. Weighing in at a low 2.6 kg and perfectly balanced, the chainsaw is comfortable to handle, even for extended periods. The Quick Chain Tensioning system allows for tool-less and hassle-free tightening of the chain. Simple operating controls make this a versatile choice for all users. The saw also features a soft grip handle, a QuickStop Super chain brake and a transparent oil tank with viewing window. The high cutting performance and precise finish is due to a 1/4″ PM3 saw chain. This set features an AK30 battery and AL 101 charger.

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